Kayaking  on the Broad River . . .


The BRO, the origional outfitter on the Broad River, rents canoes and kayaks since 1980.

Sit-On-Top kayaks are the most popular boat to explore the beginner white-water section of the river as they are safe, easy to control and recover if flipped. One person "Solo" kayaks as well "White-Water" kayaks for  experienced paddlers.  Tandem kayaks and canoes are available for the mild water section only.

      Rentals available March-October.

            Ask about group rentals.

    Free* on site camping for paddlers only.  


       You can also visit our other location,

Altamaha Coastal Tours,  located in Darien on the Georgia coast for year round excursions. 

Kayak/Canoe Rental Rates

Rental Rates [ per person] $25


Group sizes limited by bus capacity halved due to social distancing in buses

No Weekday discount due to CV

Extra Shuttle / private boat [ per person] $10


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   White Water
   Section Two            ( Class II )

The White-Water section,  aka LOWER section 2, begins at the BRO and continues for 6 1/2 miles downstream. This scenic section offers cascading rapids, a water fall, a water slide, rock gardens along with rocky islands to spend some chill time on.


This section is suitable for all levels of paddlers from those looking for thrills and excitment and those without  any whitewater experience. Notable highlights include rapids named  "Horse-Shoe Rapid", "Lunch-Stop Rock", "The Water Fall", "Rooster Tail Falls" and "Hippo Rock".  See map below.

A variety of birds including Blue Herons, King Fisher, Kites, Green Herons, Osprey and Bald eagles can be spotted along with turtles galore, beaver and otter.

This section can be paddled in 3-5 hours depending on water levels and 'attitudes'.  The best way to learn to play or surf is to pick waves to paddle upstream in. Or just float....


The take out  is easy to find as it has a large yellow sign. Our  shuttle buses will return you to the BRO in a timely manner.

Our shop has snacks, to-go sandwiches, drinks, sun screen and water proof items and more .  All food should be in waterproof packaging or containers and all items and trash should be in a lockable or zippered personal sized cooler.

Except for the first mile on River Left,  all land along the river is private property.   DO NOT TRESPASS

    Scenic Float
    Section One
      (Class 0- I)

The Mild Water section, aka Upper section 1",  is  6 miles of moving water through some small rocky shoals surrounded by hard wood forest with scenic vistas . There is one easily avoided minimal Class I rapid a half mile from the end.


This is the perfect destination for families with young children and nature lovers. Paddlers are not likely to get wet or flipping making it popular for the laid back paddlers, families and for floating in milder weather.


A variety of birds including Blue Herons, King Fisher, Kites, Green Herons, Osprey and Bald eagles can be spotted along with turtles galore, beaver and otter.


This section includes paddling through a Native American fish weir and passing by the remains of a covered bridge.  We recommend planning for 2-4 hours for a relaxing trip in a natural setting.
















We shuttle you up stream to our put-in on the Hudson River near the confluence with the Broad River. The trip ends at our take-out at The BRO office.  


A 10-mile section of scenic water is also available for a longer trip (apprx. 5-6 hours).  On the UPPER section we use sit-on-tops, sit-in and tandem kayaks  (*this section only ).

All land along the river is private property.  If you're not floating, you're trespassing.  Always stash your trash in your cooler.

broad river map
Click for Larger Map


What to Bring: 

When on or near the water,  always prepare for you and or your belongings to get wet when on or near any water.


Prepare to get wet on the white water section! You can avoid getting wet on the lower but its certainly not a rare event. Bring your bathing suite and or any synthetic, quick drying clothes; Shoes that stay on your feet well and have a good tread for walking  in the water on wet rocks or swimming. We recommend Chacos, Tevas, Reef Walkers, crocs, etc ; a dry-bag for towels, lunch, cameras etc or a water proof case for you phones or cameras to take pictures; ONLY Small locking top or zippered coolers allowed so you can hold Sunscreen; water,  snacks etc in ziplocks or sealable container;  If it doesn't lock, your things will become lost or 'trash'. Only NICE dogs are permitted but please always keep them on a leash while on our property and on the shuttle bus.


What NOT to Bring: 

No Glass!! Broken glass cuts you and others; NO Large coolers, No Styrofoam or non-locking coolers or bags.  No trash bags or other forms of "dry bags" that will fail and turn into trash; NO dogs that do not play friendly with other dogs or people, that run a stray or that are not comfortable in moving water.  While on 'land',  dogs must be leashed.       NO GUNS



You should have basic swimming ability and be at least moderatly active and adventurous for the white water section. All ages are welcome but with proper adult supervision (minors must be accompanied by an adult). If you are pregnant, disabled, deabilitated or have any physical limitations or vulnerabilities, we recomend contacting the management before your arrival. 

© 2015 Broad River Outpost (Witcher Wing Inc.)   Photos by R. Hines, D. Mckenzy

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